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The education programs at RADIUS address questions concerning the ways by which art can reflect on and contribute to our understanding of contemporary social, political and environmental issues. The basis of the education programs for primary, secondary and higher education is inquiry-based learning: a proactive form of learning that starts with asking questions and raising debating positions. Memorizing facts and information is not the most important skill in today's world. After all, facts change and information has become more immediately available. What is needed, however, is an understanding of how we can interpretate and understand this mass of data. Inquiry is not so much seeking the right answer—because often there is none—but rather seeking appropriate solutions to questions and problems. Inquiry-based learning is therefore an effective method to stimulate and develop 21st Century Skills—a term that summarizes critical and creative thinking based on curiosity. For questions regarding our education program you can reach out to our educator via education@radius-cca.org.


With every current exhibition we offer a guided group tour, accompanied by an experienced tour guide. These guided tours provide an introduction to the exhibition in question and provide the opportunity to gain a deeper contact with the artists, works of art and the subjects featured in the exhibition. If you would like a group tour for a select group (private), this is possible for €250 (including the entrance fee to the art center.) with a maximum of 15 people. You can book a private tour by contacting educator via education@radius-cca.org.


At RADIUS, the artworks show alternatives to current social and political systems, urging one to reflect on one’s behavior whilst simultaneously making for inspiring conversations. 

As from 2022, RADIUS has been collaborating with AIM AT ART, an organization which develops reflective sessions, tours and workshops for businesses and organisations in museum settings and institutional contexts. As a part of this, AIM AT ART has developed the Transformational Offsite program in collaboration with RADIUS, focusing on sustainability and innovation in the broadest sense. Participants of their programs visit the exhibition at RADIUS and reflect on the works in the exhibition collectively with professional guidance from AIM AT ART. A program lasts four hours on average, and is specifically developed for professionals working in management. Further (contact)information here.




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